Sunrise on Swan Creek

IMG_1655-2.JPGIt was a great sunrise on Swan Creek yesterday so I gave the iPhone 6 a run for its money. No filter used.

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Rock Hall Pirates and Wenches Weekend.

IMG_1538.JPGWell another Rock Hall Pirates and Wenches Weekend is in the books. I still enjoy the weekend very much, but the events haven’t really changed since it started, hence my lack of photos or video. I did shoot video of the Pirate wedding under the gazebo off Main Street. Another project to someday be edited. But one nice pic is the above one of an 80 year young wench rocking out with a Canon SLR camera on the beach. I hope to shooting at that age too!

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Aruba 2014

20140707-085034-31834031.jpgJust back from a fabulous week in Aruba where I avoided all the drama of Hurricane Arthur the hit the east coast last week. Lots of pics and video to be sorted out but here is a pic of the new electric street car that runs on solar power through the streets if Orenjestad. I took video from the top of it only to find our that the camera setting was set to continuous photo and not video. Doh!

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DEVO Hardcore Show in Baltimore

20140620-093832-34712005.jpgPlanned way ahead to go see DEVO perform it’s Hardcore show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on Thursday night. Only material written by the group from 1974-77 was performed, much of it the first time ever done live. The tour was only booked for 10 shows, bypassing Philly, so my choices were Baltimore or NYC the following night. Everything worked out perfect. Bought the ticket, took off work, booked Amtrak and crashed at a friends house who just so happened to work in same office building that Rams Head Live is located.

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Sailing Season 2014

Boat had been splashed and the engine kicked over on the first try. Now all I need to do is put on the sails.


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Rainbow over Rock Hall MD

The boat is still on the hard but we happened to walk to our marina where the owner was having a gathering for the slip holder. I don’t see many rainbows in Rock Hall but maybe I should be looking for them after a rain.

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Boy George jams with Black Lips

20140418-174146.jpg I went to my first WXPN Free at Noon shows at World Cafe Live in West Philly when Boy George joins Black Lips for a rendition of T. Rex’s Bang a Gong.

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Hash Run through the ruins of Kensington Philadelphia

Punani Hash House Harrier Run thru the Ruins of Philly from John Coffey on Vimeo.

I did a bit of experimenting with my Contour Roam camera on a recent Hash House Harrier run thru the badlands and ruins of Kensington Philadelphia. I mount the camera onto the handlebars of my bike and took a picture every second of the 45 minute run. I opened the file with about 2,700 photos into Quicktime Pro 7 and did an Open Sequence Image under the File tab and voila, a near 2 minute video of the whole run. Only problem was it wasn’t log enough to fill the 2 minute version of I Love Living In The City by the 1980’s punk band Fear. I wanted to somehow slow the video down in FCP X, but I’ve been a bit rusty using it and couldn’t figure it out. Something I have to work on.
ON ON…Sternum and Rectum.
Boat Drinks, Jimmy!

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