Spring Cleaning Season

A cold front brought in frigid temps to the freezing mark in Rock Hall MD today. I did a day trip to take off the boat cover but the lines that secure it were all frozen, and the wind was blowing off the bay making it a very cold day. I did manage to get in the boat and start up the heater so I could hook up the batteries and start working on the stopcocks. Well, hopefully it’s warmer by the end of the week. Three weeks till splash if I’m lucky!

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Windsurfing Selfie with Contour Roam 2

Windsurfing Selfie in Hatteras from John Coffey on Vimeo.

Today the Philly weatherman posted a graphic reading “In the last 12 days only 32 Hrs.above freezing”. Well if that isn’t enough to get me to stay inside and edit video from last August at Pamlico Sound in Hatteras NC. Everyone knows what a GoPro camera is but I’ve been a loyal user of the Contour cameras and really love their Flex Strap Mount which fits amazingly snug on the mast just above the boom. In the past I’ve kept the Contour Roam 2 in a waterproof housing but noticed the extra weight of the housing caused a bit of a bounce in bumpy water. This time I put my faith in the cameras claim that it is waterproof down to 3 feet. Well, it sure was and the footage was much smoother than what i had experimented with before. The other camera used was a waterproof Kodak Zx3 a fine camera that is so easy to use, Samantha had no problem getting the other shots of me. Looking forward to heading back there in 6 weeks but I think I’ll be needing a new warmer wet suit.
Boat Drinks, Jimmy!

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Last Sail of the 2014 Season

Well, that blizzard that just marched up the east coast was a big bust! Just one inch in West Philadelphia. So instead of having a great snow day off I decided to upload a video of our last sail of the 2014 season. The weather was great on this very special October 25th. WXPN had just finished up a week of the 885 best songs of all time as voted in by the listeners the night before and on this day they were playing the 88 Worst Songs of all time as voted in by the listeners. And I agree with the host Dan Reed that it was a travesty that Freeboard by Lynyrd Skynyrd was on the list. It was a fabulous sail in warm weather and even if I didn’t agree on all the worst songs, the listeners did right by voting We Built This City by Starship as the #1 worst song of all time! Video was shot on a Contour Roam 2 that was attached to a headband.
Boat Drinks, Jimmy!

Last Sail 2014 from John Coffey on Vimeo.

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Mummers 2002 TV Interview

Mummers 2002 TV Interview from John Coffey on Vimeo.

This is a long lost 2002 TV interview that I did at a much delayed Mummers Parade. The station, WB17 was looking to fill air time with the long gaps between String Bands. It seems that I was volunteered by friends to do this since I was the one to start going to the bleacher seats back in 1982. And this is how I look after 8 hours of outdoor festivities on a cold day. Not too bad! Looking forward to another round tomorrow!
Boat Drinks, Jimmy!

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Christmas Re Gifting 2014

Xmas Regifting from John Coffey on Vimeo.

It was nice to get a call this Christmas morning from my brother Andrew who lives in Chicago. We really haven’t talked much the past few years, but he did play a big part in getting me into video blogging a little bit after he started podcasting in 2005. So Andrew, it’s probably as good a time as any to let you know that I re gifted that airbrush painting you did 30 plus years ago to my good friend Steve Powers who most admired it. You do remember that you gave nearly all your belongings away when you moved to Hawaii in 1986. Well, I’ve taken good care of it but, it mostly hung on a lonely hidden wall in my kitchen. It has now been relocated to be exhibited in Manhattan where it will be seen by many of the coolest artists around the world. Thanks for the call this morning and have a great Christmas.
Brother Jimmy CraicHead

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Philly Underground Arts Festival 1984

Philadelphia Underground Arts Festival with Matt Marello from John Coffey on Vimeo.

I dug up this old video from the Philadelphia Arts Festival held sometime in the summer of 1984 at the Painted Bride in Old City Philadelphia. Matt Marello of the band Executive Slacks was being interviewed about his artwork that was on display for the event. A much younger me makes an appearance at the end of the video.
Boat Drinks, Jimmy!

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Alien Man and Futura Home

IMG_1735.JPGAlien Man lives in this Futura home in Buxton NC.
Happy Halloween!

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Sunrise on Swan Creek

IMG_1655-2.JPGIt was a great sunrise on Swan Creek yesterday so I gave the iPhone 6 a run for its money. No filter used.

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