My blog is shipwrecked

This abandoned boat is how I feel about my blog the last few months. Tomorrow, August 30th is the 20th anniversary of me buying my first sailboat. It was also my birthday and the day princess Di died.

Well enough of that, I’m gonna get out of bed and get my free Starbucks coffee and right this ship of a sailing blog and start making a video of my first few months owning In Like Flynn.

See ya on the water!

Cap’n John

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272 Miles for a Beer!

Would you drive 272 miles for a darn fine draft beer? We did! Actually, we did a pit stop at the newly opened Green Flash Brewery on our drive to the Outer Banks (OBX) in North Carolina. Green Flash is one of the more popular breweries in San Diego and it’s been a couple years since they announced they were building another brewery outside of Virginia Beach. It was a beautiful spring day in April as we made the 400 mile drive to Avon NC and Green Flash was the perfect spot for lunch break and growler fill. The growler is an insulated aluminum one that I bought at Maui Brewing Company. Thanks for watching. Cap’n John

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Aruba 2.0 Windsurfing and Sailing 2016

Aruba 2.0 Windsufiing and Sailing from John Coffey on Vimeo.

I started vlogging in 2006 and one of the videos i did was our trip to Aruba that Easter. Since then, YouTube has exploded and the quality and production has increased so much! I’m now making another run at vlogging with more of a focus on sailing with some windsurfing and other sort of travel. Expect videos from Philly and Chesapeake Bay area too. This video was our trip Aruba in June 2006 and is sort of a revisit to sailing with newer much better equipment, especially the waterproof Contour Roam which I attached to my windsurfing boom for some great footage.
Music by
The Vivisectors Beach Boogie
Monkey Warhol Everything Starts With E
Pharos The Pharos’ Theme

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America 1851 replica in Chesterton Maryland

America 1851 replica in Chestertown Maryland from John Coffey on Vimeo.

Yacht America 1851 replica came to Chesterton Maryland for a dual day sail with the Sultana, a replica of a 1768 schooner. America was the first winner of America’s Cup. The replica of America was built in Albany NY in 1995 and now hails out of San Diego. She was on tour this past summer to promote next years America’s Cup in Bermuda.
Music by A New Normal.

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Sunset over Rock Hall Harbor

Stunning red sky at night over Rock Hall Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay last night on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. It was a great day for a solo Sunday sail for Judy and me, skipped out on watching the first week of the NFL. 

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Beautiful Summer Sail

Finally a break in the humid heat wave that’s been suffocating the area the last 2 weeks. Mid week trip to the boat for some light easterly winds and it was a perfect day for Samantha to get a feel for helming the boat. It’s off to Hatteras for a week of hopefully some good windsurfing then back to Rock Hall for Pirates and Wenches weekend. 

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Boat Drinks 2016!

Got the fourth coat of Cetol done about 4 hours ago just before the front came through. I love hanging in the cockpit during a big storm. No lightning or thunder.  The boat pictured is my neighbors, a Pearson. 


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Rice Rockets on the highway!

Rice Rockets on i95 in Delaware. from John Coffey on Vimeo.

Heading back home from the boat is never a dull ride. This particular Sunday on April 24 was fairly ineventful. No bottlenecks at the 295 merger and traffic on i495 in Delaware was moving along at a brisk 70 MPH. Then this sort of awakened us from the chill. Video shot on a Mobius dash cam, available on Amazon for about $75. This is the standard model, as I didn’t want the wide angle one which tends to distort more. Back to the boat tomorrow to put on the sails!

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