Podcast Awards Ontario Ca 2005

Podcast Awards 2005

I went out to the Podcast Media Convention last November to talk smack and have craic with Andrew Coffey of StreetIQ. It was a great party, meeting the likes of Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson of TWIT, Michael Geoghegan, Dan Klass and Todd Cochrane (who was hosting the Awards ceremony). Bought both of your Podcasting books by the way! I had no real motivation to get a vlog going until seeing what Ben Williams and Yeast Radio were doing with video that weekend. Both had uploaded video to their sites reporting from the Expo. I loved it and I’m in too. And thankyou Adam Curry for all the booze we drank at your informal pool party. Jimmy likes to crash a good craic! Just thought I’d toss up a quicky vlog of the Awards where TWIT and Adam get their awards. Quality a bit lame but I’m still learning WordPress, iMovie, working full time. Thanks for dropping in!

a still from my video about Podcast Awards
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8 Responses to Podcast Awards Ontario Ca 2005

  1. Mo Fo says:

    Looks like you are getting the hang of wordpress.

  2. Tried downloading the video could not get it to download. I would love any additional video coverage you have of this event and of course this first video as well

  3. sharon moss says:

    looks good john. when is the movie going to work?

  4. Rob Kessler says:

    Adam Curry? I LOVE that guy. He was the only good actor on the Brady Bunch. Even better than that dyke housemaid.

  5. Jimmy..do you have the whole video? I had been looking for it…frank@fmstudio.com

  6. Good and pleenty says:

    When are you goimg to bring your boat to Phila? I think Win might like to see it.

  7. gggggggg says:


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