Beer with Johnny Rotten Lydon 1983 NYC

If you’re old enough to remember recording video on VHS, you might remember the white balance button. Or in my case, sometimes forget to balance the color. It was easy to forgot since the camera monitor was in black and white.
This is prized footage of meeting with John Lydonaka Johnny Rotten. The event was an art gallery opening for was for Futura 2000 in NYC 1983. My friend Ari coaxes John into saying the letters W K D U, which stands for WKDU FM 91.7 the student run radio station at Drexel University.
I have more footage of interviewing Futura and Fab 5 Freddy which I hope to post in a few weeks.


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4 Responses to Beer with Johnny Rotten Lydon 1983 NYC

  1. Shazz says:

    Fuckin Righteous!

  2. Johnny Quest says:

    That certainly tops my piddling id’s for WRCB @ Rutgers Camden. I remember taping Al Jourgenson from Ministry, and Howard Jones for WDBK (Camden Cty). Nice hair, Ari. Q

  3. Cheryl says:

    So. Totally. Jealous.

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