Dog Walk in Clark Park NaVloMoPo

Dog Walk is my contribution to NaVloPoMo The idea is to do a video that was inspired by the previous days video. I followed Cheryl Colan and was inspired by her use of windows, leaves and a morning face. This inspired me to imagine waking up to the big trees outside my bay windows and needing to take the dog out. Go figure. This was a great test for me as it really set into gears the task of quick script writing, shooting, editing and my limited HTML all within a few hours to keep the game going for the next person…Good Luck Ernie! I’m happy with the final piece as time allowed, but somehow the aspect ratio got botched with bad settings when I imported from iMovie HD. Clark Park has one of the few, if not only statues in the world, of Charles Dickens.


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  1. Teppei & Elaine says:

    Nice little clip John!
    We often think about our time in Philly and of course we miss Judy!
    Hope all is well with you.

    T & E from Oregon

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