A Love Letter For You

I recently had the opportunity to meet Steve “ESPO” Powers on the last mural he was doing for
A Love Letter For You. The project was an ambitious program, funded by Pew Center for Art and Heritage with 50 murals to be painted along the western part of the Market Frankford EL running from 45th to 69th street. The last wall was atop the old WFIL Building now on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. This historic building hosted the original Bandstand with Dick Clark, later named American Bandstand when the show moved to Los Angeles. I’ll let Steve tell you the rest. And thanks to Jonny Goldstein for connecting me to this project and to Steve.

This was a bitter sweet homecoming for me, as I’d climbed onto this roof back in 1980 do a bit of mischief. Shhhh! Click the Quicktime or Flash button and enjoy!

Jimmy CraicHead

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2 Responses to A Love Letter For You

  1. credit xtc says:

    those first couple seconds and the pictures of the Martin Luther king area was classic
    Props to the original document-or of Philly graff history Mr. Blint xtc

  2. Mark Wolfe says:

    I’ve been following a love letter for you since the beginning. Very inspirational.

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