Judy in the Pool

This winter never seems to end as an epic storm is about to clobber Maryland and threatens to dump 6-12 inches of snow on Philadelphia. What better way to celebrate by hibernating in the house and posting a video that I shot on my waterproof Santo Xacti VPE-E1 last summer. This was also my first real attempt editing iMovie 09. I’ve been using iMovie HD for years but finally decided the benefits of 09 outweigh my beloved HD. Still Learning Final Cut Pro.

I’ve also joined a group of other Videobloggers that will try to post at least two times a month. Before you think I’m being mean to my dog Judy, I wanted to get her more comfortable with swimming in the event she ever went overboard on my boat. And I do put her in a life preserver when underway.


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2 Responses to Judy in the Pool

  1. Amanda says:

    Judy is a pro at swimming. She may not like it but, she’s good at it. I loved the video. Sammi seemed a little stressed at the end. I love it.

  2. GoGen says:

    Wow, with all this snow and cold outside (here in Croatia as well), this vid is really a pleasant surprise!

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