The Clash London Calling Tower Theater Show 3/6/1980

Hard to believe but it’s the eve of the 30th Anniversary of Clash’s London Calling Tower Theatre Show as I’m typing this blog and
scanning the negatives. All the “hipsters” that were into the New Wave
Punk scene were at this historic show which I was lucky enough to
attend and drag my camera into. Back then, it was no problem to bring
in a 35mm camera with a telephoto lens, quite apparent from all the
tight shots I took. As was the case with many of these shows I
attended, it was off to the Drexel University Triangle darkroom to
develop the prints well into the night. One of the picks with Joe
Strummer was Ian Dury who came onto the stage to jam to a song but
can’t can’t remember, possibly Janie Jones.
We miss ya Joe!

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7 Responses to The Clash London Calling Tower Theater Show 3/6/1980

  1. Verdi says:

    Those are great shots! Dylan and I were just talking about that album in the car the other day.

  2. Thanks Michael, your avatar comes up on my dashboard in comments section but not on post page. I never added any plug ins but will look into it.

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  4. Greg says:

    I was 16 when I saw this show. It is strange to look back, it was all so intense and seemingly important at the time. However revolutionary it seemed [the communist party was handing out leaflets] it all sold out to the man eventually and faded into oblivion.The world was a tamer place by today’s standards. I remember taking the subway to Upper Darby without any fear whatsoever. All the hipsters congregated at Third St Jazz. I remember The Sadistic Exploits, Pretty Poison, South St shops like Zipperhead and Metropolis, The Hot Club, Grendels Lair, Ripley Music Hall, where I saw the stranglers. It was all so cool, so hip. WMMR would never play it, WXPN and Lee Paris were the only outlets. Now it is just a footnote in history and I am just another middle aged guy reminiscing. Oh well that is life.

  5. Hey Greg, I’m sure we bumped shoulders at quite a few shows and thanks for posting the memories. I have lots of old negatives of old shows that I’ll be posting as time permits. I’ve got The Ramonnes from Drexel University going up next month.

  6. Greg says:

    I thought that I was the oly one who actually remembered the date of this show. I googled it and here I came. The Punk and New Wave scene of the late Seventies and early eighties was a big influence on my taste. To me it was the last truly great explosion of creativity in music. The Tower was the scene of some great shows that I was fortunate enough to see: Elvis Costello in 1978, Roxy Music in 83. I remember the East Side Club with the Bad Brains, Pretty Poison, No Milk. The Little Gentlemen, and actually saw Duran Duran with only about 25 people in attendance. Punk begat New Wave, New Wave begat the insipid pop of the 80’s and 90’s until the eventual death of rock. I think the ultimate irony of the punk rock epitaph is the fact that Joe Stummer , who wrote “No Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones in 1977” died in his mcmansion in his mid fifties, while Keith and Mick are still touring, well into ther sixties. Who really was the oppressed proletarian? Just a remembrance, some names of prominent local punks, like Brubaker, Brian Exploit, Richard Lather, Doc Vulgar, Larry Lerner, Arty Young.

  7. that was a great show!

    i thought i had my ticket stub and could not figure out the date…i wish the pics were still up.
    anyway, thanks for posting…and howsabout those good shows they had over in Emerald City at about the same time, like The Jam and The Selecter, etc….

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