Hofbräu Festzelt Craic at Oktoberfest 2010

Finally after a 9 year wait, I was able to get back to Oktoberfest in Munich Germany for the 200th Anniversary of the event. When I went in 2001 with 5 friends, my old crappy VHS camcorder 2 piece had long been retired and modern digital equipment and software was still quite expensive and Youtube was still 4 years into the future. Well the time was right to cash in some airline miles and head back to the crazy craic that I only had captured with a film camera. Probably the best spot to see the real debauchery would be the Hofbräu Feltzelt (festival tent). The place is filled with beer guzzling mostly English speaking craic heads from England, Australia, USA, New Zealand. This tent is by far the rowdiest. This is a 3 minute video that captures 2 liters and 2 hours of life in Hofbräu Feltzelt. I would highly reccommend to everyone to put at least 2 days of Oktobfest in Munich on your bucket list. It takes 2 months to build, and 3 months to take down the event which lasts only 2 weeks.

It’s a video, click the picture or hit the Flash or Quicktime link. Prosit, Jimmy

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3 Responses to Hofbräu Festzelt Craic at Oktoberfest 2010

  1. Andrew Gentsch says:

    What a great site!
    I had no idea…

  2. Frank Roche says:

    Hey, Baby! That’s so much fun!

    Nice downshirt sots, too…lol

  3. jason bum says:

    Looks like you had an awesome time.
    Great footage

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