Cool Winter House, New Pitbull Pup

My Cool Cool Victorian and crazy new dog from iConJohn on Vimeo.

I live alone at the time in a beautiful Victorian house built circa 1985 and needless to say it is expensive to heat. I keep the temperature at 52 F/ 11 C degrees with a space heater nearby for the room that I’m in.
Last week I brought in another dog “Madison” into the craic house and I’m wondering if she thinks the house is cold, or whether she just has a thing for crawling under the covers.

It’s a video take a look, love Jimmy

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2 Responses to Cool Winter House, New Pitbull Pup

  1. Kate says:

    Awww! I miss Madison! She used to do the same thing at my house! Hoping she is doing well!

  2. Nicky McMillan says:

    I miss Panic. The Original Coffey doggy. And the 454 Monte Carlo.

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