Pirates For Sail – Enhanced Version

I download the new and controversial Final Cut Pro X from Apple last week and decided to give it a test run using only the knowledge I had from using iMovie the last 6 years. Internet video has come a long way since I started with this blog in January 2006 and the one thing I’d really like to do is to re-compress all the older videos to make them bigger and better quality. Pirates For Sail is a re-enactment Pirate Sea Shanty band that plays out of the Washington DC area. At the time I videotaped this in August 2008 I had no idea who they were, but I did add some of their music to the end of my Pirates and Wenches 2008 video. I’ve since seen them play the next 2 years at Pirates and Wenches Weekend and friended them up on Facebook. Here is a much better quality version of two of the Shanties they did in Rock Hall in 2008, edited in Final Cut Pro X.
Pirates and Wenches Weekend2011Will be held in Rock Hall MD August 12-14 and you can find Pirates For Sale music on iTunes and Amazon.

Boat Drinks, Jimmy!

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