Mummers 2007 Philadelphia “2 Street”

Mummers 2007 Philadelphia

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What a wacky way to start off 2007 in Philadelphia. First, the annual Mummers Parade was postponed, then after a few switches and time changes, it played out in weather that reached the 70’s F. I got screwed, having to work that day but was able to get out in time and catch the Stringbands perform at City Hall for the judges. Later I was off to 2 Street in South Philly to see a few of them perform in front their home clubs. Special thanks to Dave Dougherty for filling in for Demanda who also had to work. And congradulations to Fralinger Stringband for making it 5 first place finishes in a row.

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Jimmy is the jack of all trades, master of none! Ongoing hobbys include windsurfing, travel, learning German, sailing, Apple Computers, Philadelphia, music, Victrolas, Seeburg Jukeboxes, junkyard dogs and parrots. Stay tuned if any of this nonsense interests you!
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5 Responses to Mummers 2007 Philadelphia “2 Street”

  1. Philly sure likes to party! You just gotta love those marching banjos!

  2. Dave doc says:

    Great job!Had a little trouble getting to play…but I’m a little stupid when it comes to alternate players.Keep up the good work

  3. Chooch says:

    Great job Jimmy !!!!

    What’s a Mummer and what kind of music do you call that ? It really turned me on ! OOOHHH OOOOOOOOHHHHHH !

  4. jason k says:

    Cool clip. Nice interview. Looks like a great time.
    I will check it out live next year.

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