Galway Craic and Guinness Beer

Galway Craic and Guinness Beer

by: vPIP
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Ireland Easter week saw some of the nicest weather “in ages” according to one of the locals. Galway, a University Town on the western side of the island was a 4 hour left sided drive from our landing in Dublin on Easter. We catch up with James Britton an American graduate student living there since August, drink up some Guinness at The Kings Head and have some good Craic talking about Galway and Ireland in general. Stay tuned…the search for Craic and Irish trad folk music next post!

About Jimmy CraicHead

Jimmy is the jack of all trades, master of none! Ongoing hobbys include windsurfing, travel, learning German, sailing, Apple Computers, Philadelphia, music, Victrolas, Seeburg Jukeboxes, junkyard dogs and parrots. Stay tuned if any of this nonsense interests you!
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6 Responses to Galway Craic and Guinness Beer

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  2. Hey John and Samantha! I had a great time at the King’s Head with you guys. The video is excellent! I wrote a review of your visit to Galway. Thanks for featuring me in the Galway segment! I’m looking forward to the the Dublin segment coming soon. Slainte!

  3. Alfred E. Newmann says:

    Jimmy, loved the blog ! Demanda looked good against the Irish sky line. During my visit to your site, I decided to toast your adventure. So I think I invented a new drink, try this, get a highball glass, throw some ice in it. Now to really get the buzz affect, mix these next few ingrediants in thirds, 1/3 dark rum, 1/3 bourbon, and 1/3 cacao liquoir. You can see from my spelling that this concocion is now taking some effect. I call it the “Big Boom”! Oh yea, good job on the latest adventure over seas ! Next time, could you go some place where there are trees ?

  4. You are quite the jetsetter! Nothing like Guinness from the tap, eh…

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  6. Cousin Joe says:

    John, Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Should be back in Southern Cal for Easter. Take care, Joe

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