Nokia N93 and West Philly

Nokia N93 and West Philly

by: vPIP
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I was very impressed with the video quality of the Nokia N93 that I saw posted on Steve Garfields vlog
With the news of the iPhone coming out in June and my contract with Verizon expiring in July, this gives some time to research for a new phone. Do I want to watch video, or shoot video? Right now I’m testing the Nokia N93 and giving it a spin around my neighborhood in University City. It was a very bright day with strong lighting but I do check out shade and inside a restaurant. It was a quick transfer to iPhoto, even the mpeg4 video then an import to iMovie. At first I had trouble with adding titles (import as mpeg 4) but then reimported as DV and editing went fine. Steve claims that mpeg 4 is right, but DV worked for me, then back to h.264 for the web. The camera has many features that I haven’t gotten to but the video was fast and easy to use. This was especially helpful when a naked psycho crackhead came down the street. I had the camera rolling in seconds but not enough time to test the nighttime setting. No problem with battery life and I got hooked up to the web from my home wifi in just aa few clicks. Stay tuned for more thoughts.

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5 Responses to Nokia N93 and West Philly

  1. missb says:

    That phone sure does take some niiiiiiiiiiiice looking video! So impressed with it!

    I was very excited about the iPhone for about five minutes. That’s how long it took me to read the specs re: memory. I had been stalling on buying a video iPod (I was going to use the iPhone primarily for watching videos), but now I see there’s not much point.

  2. Miss B, we’re both on the same page as being disappointed with iPhone memory. And as a fellow hospital worker that likes to keep calls to a minumum, I might opt for an iPod with iPhone screen size. Christmas maybe?

  3. Naked crack head. Remind me of that Chapelle character
    too funny

  4. missb says:

    I feel very strongly in my gut that Apple will have a de-phoned iphone (meaning a widescreen video ipod) for Christmas…maybe even sooner! Maybe by Back-to-School time!

    I have my fingers crossed.

  5. Jessica says:

    Super cute, clever pets. That guy at the end was scary. I can’t believe you took that much footage! Seemed like a horror film.

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