Chesapeake Life Boat Party

Chesapeake Life Boat Party

by: vPIP
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This was a little bit more than I bargained for as Demanda and I strolled into historic Chesapeake City Maryland for Canal Day with camera equipment, dog and parrot in tow. The bird was mobbed by dozens of families with children, and the dog wanted to sniff every 10 feet. Apologies for the over exposed shots. Later that day we went to my boat In Like Flynn which is now moored on Swan Creek off the Chesapeake for a few days of sailing. For an R rated tour of Canal day head over to Canal Day Blog.

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7 Responses to Chesapeake Life Boat Party

  1. Jessica says:

    The sounds of the boats on water at the end were romantic and peaceful. Total envy going on here!
    Looks like a fantastic party, too!
    My sister and I were just discussing Mojitos a couple of days ago. Fresh mint is the way to go! Yum! My sister mentioned that she had her first Mojito in Mexico recently. Way too strong!
    I love the way you edit your stuff together.

  2. JCH says:

    Jessica, Do make your own Mojitos and stay on the lookout for fresh mint. I’m gonna grow it next year. The upscale places in Center City chargre alot for them!

  3. Lisa says:

    sweet vid. what kind of camera are you using? i must say bliptv does give wicked resolution… erg! so many video sharing sites… so little time.

    PS nice to meet you!

  4. jch says:

    Thanks Lisa, The camera is a Sony HC 85 Mini DV. I’m with you on all the sharing sites and Blip looks great. Don’t you have Quicktime 7.0? Looks great in H264 compression.

  5. Lisa says:

    i do have quicktime 7.0… i make a point of being up to date on such things…

    question: what do you use to edit your vids?

  6. jch says:

    Lisa, I’ve been using iMovie from the start. Very easy and quick to use! Final Cut Pro is in my future for more audio track control. If you have a PC, think about a used Mac mini on Craigslist just for video. And the camcaorder that uses Mini DV tapes are best for editing.

  7. Fred L. Wafi says:

    Gee Cap’n, your galley maid was doing a great job making a breakfast treat !

    Lunch and dinner looked pretty good too ! Which one were you going to cook up first ?

    Enjoy the free boat/boob show !

    Cap’n Wafi

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