Dover England to Ostend Belgium Ferry 1986

Dover England to Ostend Belgium Ferry 1986

by: vPIP
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It is a bit scary to watch video from 20 years ago and have forgotten most of it except for actually having done it. Flash Craicback to 1986 when I went to visit my cousin in Mons Belgium. The trip started off in London for a weekend, accompanied by my good friend Cynthia. Big memory was going to see the Dallas Cowboys play Chicago Bears at the old Wembley Stadium. Then it was off to Belgium via a ferry on the English Channel from Dover to
Ostend Belgium. Sad to report, this ferry ride only serves freight now. It was a beautiful August day and I was lugging around old school 2 piece video equipment. I wasted a lot of battery power from train rides, then overcharged the battery the first week. No footage of the next 3 weeks in Amsterdam, Brussels, Gent, or Frankfurt. London 1986…to be continued.

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6 Responses to Dover England to Ostend Belgium Ferry 1986

  1. Jessica says:

    You were so cute 21 years ago!
    No, not all Swedes are blond, you silly Philly boy! My grandma was though, golden hair and bright blue eyes. She was so pretty!

  2. Jessica says:

    So handsome I had to see it twice! 😉 I’m a tiny bit wobbly from a bad martini and an even worse lunch.

  3. JCH says:

    I was a real smart ass. Playa too.

  4. Captain Hook says:

    Ahoy, Captain! You’re still bloggin Beers, Boats, Broads, & Waterways 21 years later. I’ll drink to that!!!

  5. Do you like Paul young? Boy George.

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