RUIN rocks Lee Paris Benefit 1986

RUIN rocks Lee Paris Benefit 1986
by: vPIP
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As promised, Jimmy has a lot of good Craic tucked away in the video vaults. This is some classic footage of RUIN from the Lee Paris Benefit 1986 from Houston Hall, University of Pennsylvania. Special appearances include Dr. Dirt, Mel Taylor and Alan and Elizabeth Fiend who still kick it out with their video blog, and the late hardcore WXPN DJ Eddie Hacksaw. Sad note that the tribute web site to Lee Paris is now in a funk. He was such a big influence on the music scene in Philadelphia from 1978 to 1986. Lee Paris…Rest in Peace. Miss ya but I never really knew ya, John Coffey aka Jimmy CraicHead.

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11 Responses to RUIN rocks Lee Paris Benefit 1986

  1. mel toxic says:


    mel toxic

  2. Hey Mel, what a long strange trip it’s been. I can only imagine the things we could have done with this technolgy in 1985. By the way, still got your Blancmange interview.

  3. Jessica says:

    JC, This is the kind of stuff that my best friend’s big brother listened to, and I secretly kind of liked it. I learned about punk through him, too.
    Looks like it was fun to capture this.

  4. yeah, jimmy but if we had documented all we did and said in those days i might not be employable today he, he! thanx for posting.
    elizabeth fiend

  5. Marianne Sherow says:

    Wow, this brings back some painful memories (Eddie Hacksaw) and some good ones (Ruin). My friend Jen and I had major crushes on Vosco (Jen where are you?) so it brings a smile too. I still have a picture of me, Cordy and Chuck Dobbs hamming it up in a loft in “Little Boys Way”, where I lived with Chuck and Nelly Unrath in 1982 or so. Thanks.

  6. Mark F says:

    Hey Marianne:
    How do I contact you?

  7. Laura Powers says:

    Wow, I was AT this show! (just found this post 1 year later…)
    Thanks for posting!
    Laura Powers

  8. Chuck Dobbs says:

    I moved to N.Y.C. before Lee died, and totally missed the benefit. I’ll never forget Lee. I remember Lana and I bringing him Pizza with a squeeze jar of French’s mustard when he was D.J.’ing. Or being Cosmo Bongo on Meet A Punk. He helped an entire generation of Phila. “alternative” music fans experience the best music of that genre ,often well before people in larger metropolis’. Just remember him and those dorky plaid shirts ever time you go to Old Navy! Loved you, man. Chuck Dobbs

  9. Marianne Sherow (nee Hart) says:

    Hey Chuck Dobbs,

    I was your messy roommate at Little Boy’s Way. Along with Nelly. I have a great picture of you still. You were wearing these gorgeous plaid pants.


  10. Charles Dobbs says:

    Hi Marianne,

    You don’t need to explain who you are, how could I ever forget the line ” Shut up David, just get over here and take off your pants.” Hope all is well.


  11. kg says:

    wow- beautiful to see this & Lee Paris/ as a 2nd-borderline 3rd gen punk i’d heaRD of Lee ..esp when I was living in the Phat House in West Philly/..great to see the MoreFiends on this too…thanks for the post..*

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