A CraicHead Fan!


I had the pleasure of being recognized from my blog by the Cap’n on the right while hanging out at Harbor Shack in Rock Hall MD. Apologies for forgetting his name but he’s seen many of the videos I’ve posted. Makes the blogging all the more fun. Will try and post more often.

About Jimmy CraicHead

Jimmy is the jack of all trades, master of none! Ongoing hobbys include windsurfing, travel, learning German, sailing, Apple Computers, Philadelphia, music, Victrolas, Seeburg Jukeboxes, junkyard dogs and parrots. Stay tuned if any of this nonsense interests you!
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One Response to A CraicHead Fan!

  1. Ken Goodwin says:


    It was great meeting you at the Shack! I love your pics and videos. Keep blogging! It helps us sailors get through the hard months when our boats are on the hard. Definitely have to go sail together sometime.

    S/V Goodwinds at Haven Harbour


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