Mummers 2016

Mummers 2016 is in the books! I took a seat at the back of the bleachers just in case the String Band props blocked our view, but it wasn’t the best spot to shoot pictures. During one of the Wench Brigades, I noticed Philly Jesus hamming it up in the parade,  not only with  wenches, but right up front with the TV camera. Lots of shockers in the String Band division with Avalon getting a disqualification and perennial powerhouse Quaker City dropping to 6th. I’ll rewatch the whole thing in the comfort of my home this week. 

Philly Jesus crashing Mummers Parade


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Docked In December

Docked in December from John Coffey on Vimeo.

It’s December 3, 2015 and this is the latest my boat has still been in the water. A cold front has blown through and it’s too windy for the boat yard to haul any boats, but I drove down to check on things and make sure the bilge was empty. On the way home I stopped at my former marina, Gratitude and was reminded how rough it is there when it blows across the bay. So bad you can’t even get on your boat.

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The Dreaded Toe Rail

The dreaded toe rail is boat work from hell. I’m well into 40 hours spread out over a year and a half on this project, but should be done real soon. Just finished a 3rd coat of Sikkens Cetol Light and next its 2 coats of the clear.  

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Maui Windsurf Video Selfie

Maui Windsurf Video Selfie from John Coffey on Vimeo.

Windsurfing video selfie at Kanaha State Park in Maui using a rubber mast mounted Contour Roam 2. Many thanks to Matt Pritchard for renting the most amazing equipment for my week stay. Hope to get back next year for a wave clinic.

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Haiku Maui

We’re halfway through our stay in the beautiful upcountry of Haiku on the north shore of Maui. It’s a far cry from the high rise hotel areas on the leeway side. I’ll be posting a more complete post of the trip when I get back to Philadelphia. This is the street we are staying on which is just off the Hana Highway.     

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Bike road rage in West Philly!

West Philly Bike Road Rage from John Coffey on Vimeo.

I just so happend to be giving my Contour HD camera a bit of a work out since it is now spring and it’s daylight when I go to work and come home. Bike riding has become so dangerous in recent years due to smart phones, ignorant drivers and in this case a lazy Mr Softee driver. This was an especially enertaining ride home and is not typical of my commute. Camera is an older Contour HD and I like using it because it has a wind filter which cuts down on wind noise.

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Sailing Season 2015 has commenced!

The season has begun, nice south winds that kept our boat speed at 5-6 knots for a few hours. Off to Lakes Bay Atlantic City to pick up a new windsurf board. My last one!

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Almost splashed!

Just over 6 weeks ago, Swan Creek in Rock Hall Maryland was completely frozen over. I’m taking a few moments to get motivated to head back to the boat yard and start the horrible task of waxing the hull. But it looks like In Like Flynn will be splashed by next week.

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